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Nick and Ashley Sarnicola were married on 11.11.11.
Learn their story as individuals and as a Power Couple.

Network Marketing

“Network Marketing, in my opinion, is the smartest way to start for the average person because you have the chance to make a very large income without the potential downside of a traditional business.”
– Nick Sarnicola

Company of Choice: ViSalus

Giving Back

Nick and Ashley want help the next wave of young people have a shot at being an entrepreneur so they can pursue their passions.

Why Attending National Success Training Is Important

V-Blog #9: Why Attending National Success Training Is Important

Nick Sarnicola explains why attending national conventions is the bloodline of your business succeeding. A must watch for those seeking how to make their MLM business more profitable.

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  1. THANKS again and All Over Again !!
    Very helpful and always inspiring. Why is that every time I listen to Nick Samicola I get the goose bumps? is the most powerful Believe charger . Yes, the people from Visalus, not only the founders but many others I have met have that power. SO GRATEFUL of having found you . See you in LA !!
    Angela Kavalov

  2. This is my 3rd NST since Miami, and it is worth whatever sacrifice you have to make to get there. There’s a feeling that you get when your there, that cannot be explained. This is my first home business, so I’m still soaking in everything, but my WHY still makes me cry.

  3. Nick I am SOOOO excited for LA – NST… St. Louis was our first NST and we had only been in the business for 2 mins… it was crazy, over whelming, a lot to drink in. NOW…. I wouldn’t miss it. We signed up for LA at STL, because I told my husband we needed to figure out a way to go, NO QUESTIONS… we are going!!! See you there!

  4. Well, this is my first time, but unfortunately I will not stay until the end because I will have to go back in Sunday.

  5. I am a new promoter. I realize the importance attending NST. Flights from Kansas City are expensive at this late date over spring break. Fortunately my Ambassador Tina Pulley helped me with arrangements to ride with a group of other promoters in a caravan to LA! We leave next Thursday at 9am driving straight through to get there on Friday in time for the opening session. Can’t wait!

  6. So happy to have you as a leader and upline! I have learned more from you in my year with Vi than all the other years I have been around this industry! Thanks for being who you are! You make a difference!


  7. This will be my first event. This is a HUGE step for me since I am a stay at home mother of 5. My ambassadors are helping me to go and encouraging all of our team. I am excited and can’t wait. I feel like this could be a big help in my long time goals with Visalus.

  8. Thanks Nick, for pouring out your passion and belief into why attending these National Events is so crucial! You articulated it beautifully. Belief is a “feeling” of certainty. It’s so true! After experiencing a National Event, you can’t explain the feeling you get to people who weren’t there. You end up saying, “you just had to be there”. I am looking forward to this meeting in L.A and can’t wait to be surrounded by “belief”!

  9. I am a new promoter i started on november, i have no business do i really need to go. the person who introduces me to this busness told me it’s a waste of time to go.

    • Like what Nick said in the video, If you want to build your business and become successful, you have to go. Whoever told you that it’s a waste of time is just wasting their breathe because certainly that person never been to one or never had the right training. Never listen to negativity. If there was something to help you build your business, isn’t it a more reason to go anyways? ;)

  10. Orlando!!! This will be MY first Vitality! and I am SOOO Excited! My upline Ambassador helped me, my RD helped me and I GET TO GO! My current boss doesn’t like the fact that I will NOT be at work in the middle of July but I DON”T CARE! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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  12. I am absolutely gutted not to be there. Got my 113lb weight loss going on, possible ND…but unfortunately my Neice gets married that weekend…believe it or not, I would still have come, but sadly the wedding has been brought forward so her Dad who has terminal cancer, can give her away. I’m stuck! :(

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